UX Jam with Rzeczywiste Doświadczenia

Yesterday was Saturday. I could have spent it strolling the city, having a trip to a forest, staying at home and reading, meeting with friends. But I decided to do something completely different: Take part in a UX Jam organized by Rzeczywiste Doświadczenia, focused on helping non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

And it was the best decision I could have made!

UX experts and representatives of NGOs met for the whole day to talk about and solve problems that NGOs face on a daily basis when looking for sponsors and volunteers.

I worked with J-elita, a Polish association supporting people with inflammatory bowel disease, on their problems with sponsors, current website, communication channels, and possible improvements.

Thank you so much! It was an amazing time, and the best way to spend my Saturday!

Photo credit: Rzeczywiste doświadczenia