My story

If someone had told me a few years ago that I would be working as a UX Writer and developing digital products, I would have smiled and nodded but wouldn’t have believed them.


Because I always thought that I was going to be a translator. And that it would stay this way forever.

In high school, I was learning French, Spanish, German, English, and Latin. I was fascinated by foreign languages and cultures. I knew that I would pursue a career in translation.

As a technical translator, I was translating complex technical texts and making them accessible to a wider audience using plain language. The urge to make technical concepts clear and simple led me to the field of technical communication.

My interest in technical communication, and later in technical writing, allowed me to get a job as a technical writer, and finally as a UX writer.

Around the time of my career change, I did a lot of intense self-study. I read heaps of books and articles, listened to many podcasts, but I had never taken any online or offline course. What really made the difference for me was learning on the job from people around me.

And here I am, with my dream job.

Who would believe it? Definitely not me!

But what they say is true:

If you believe, anything can happen!

To you too!